Center for Structural Integration Paris

"Humans have always developed in the gravity pull of the earth and still live within it. They must make their peace with this field of energy. To the extent that they fail to make peace and mistakenly carry on the war, gravity wins every time. The energy of this field can enhance or dissipate the energy of the individual man. You cannot change the position of the energy field of the earth, in space, but you can change the energy field of the man. The question remains: to what extent could Rolfers create a small population able to live within the gravity field without an on-going, everlasting war, without the constant expenditure of precious human energy merely to carry on life within the gravity field? If we could create such a population, what would be its characteristics? I am not interested solely in physical structure, although that is really of basic importance especially in terms of physiological well-being. What will be the psychological and emotional characteristics, the behavior both of the individual and of a group composed of such individuals? How would these more vertical, demonstrably more conscious individuals compare with random, less conscious humans who tread the surface of the earth today?" -Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. 1977

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